Kumeu River: New Zealand's Superstar

Kumeu River

New Zealand's Premier Producer of Chardonnay

Kumeu River is my favourite producer of Chardonnay from New Zealand, and quite possibly, I would even go as far to say, in the Southern Hemisphere. The winemaker Michael Brajkovich was New Zealand’s first Master of Wine, and one of the country’s leading viticulturists.

Kumeu River is located very close to Auckland and makes Chardonnay their speciality. These wines pay homage to Burgundy and it is fair to say that they are almost indistinguishable from their French counterparts, except for their own unique freshness and brightness.

The range starts with the Kumeu Village Chardonnay which is made with a small portion of fruit grown in their vineyards a little further south in Hawkes Bay. Their flagship wine, however, is their Estate Chardonnay: a thoroughly complex wine which is a facsimile of Puligny Montrachet. There are a number of single vineyard wines produced here, my favourite being Hunting Hill which just simply put, has the nervosity and class of a Grand Cru.

The great thing about Kumeu River's Chardonnay is that they can be enjoyed young, but Michael reckons that the wines are at their peak at around 9 years.

Richard Ballantyne MW

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  1. Kumeu River 2018 Village Pinot Noir
    Light cherry colour with lovely aromatic of red cherries, but the palate is all black fruits, continuing with flavours... Learn More
  2. Kumeu River 2017 Village Chardonnay
    This wine is a great introduction to Kumeu River, my favourite producer of Chardonnay in the new world. Elegant, fine... Learn More
  3. Kumeu River 2017 Pinot Gris
    Kumeu River's Pinot Gris leans more towards Alsace than Italy. It is dry, but with great texture and aromatics of... Learn More
  4. Kumeu River 2018 Sauvignon Blanc
    Kumeu River returns to making Sauvignon Blanc. This is the first harvest from their new Hawkes Bay vineyard and it is... Learn More
  5. Kumeu River 2017 Estate Chardonnay
    A cool, elegant, restrained nose of hazelnut and white flowers. The palate is elegant and hugely complex but has great... Learn More
  6. Kumeu River 2014 Hunting Hill Pinot Noir
    Kumeu River's top Pinot Noir. Unlike other NZ Pinots, this is a subtle wine, very much Burgundian, perhaps even... Learn More
  7. Kumeu River 2017 Hunting Hill Chardonnay
    Hunting Hill is the epitome of elegant Chardonnays from the new world. Almost indistinguishable from top white... Learn More
  8. Kumeu River 2017 Mate's Vineyard Chardonnay
    Mate's Vinyeard is Kumeu River's top Chardonnay made from their oldest vines. This is slightly different in style to... Learn More
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