Zind Humbrecht: Alsace's Grandmaster

Zind Humbrecht

Alsace's Grandmaster

Zind Humbrecht is undoubtedly one of the greatest estates of Alsace, and one of the very early pioneers of biodynamics. The quality of the wines is all down to the hard work that Olivier Humbrecht MW puts in; the attention to detail is astonishing, plus the fact that he has fantastic vineyards to start with. It is difficult to generalise and sum up a ‘house’ style for ZH, but if pushed I would say the wines are always flamboyant and hedonistic, but with an underlying nervosity with crystalline acidity and, even though the wines carry varying levels of sweetness, there is always a pleasant dryness to the finish. They are never cloying nor top-heavy.

There are a great, great number of wines produced here from the various crus and varieties available, so we have made a selection of his Turckheim varietals of Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewurztraminer, the holy trinity of varieties, and one of the single vineyard sites, Clos Windsbuhl Gewurztraminer, which is a wine that that I have great fondness for. This is a truly profound wine.

Considering that Zind Humbrecht is one of France’s truly great white wine producers, these wines offer quite remarkable value.

Richard Ballantyne MW

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  1. Zind Humbrecht 2015 Pinot Gris Turckheim
    Zind Humbrecht's Pinot Gris is always very expressive and open. Notes of white peach, apricot and pink flowers. Its... Learn More
  2. Zind Humbrecht 2015 Gewurztraminer Turckheim
    This is a very aromatic Gewurztraminer with classic notes of  lychee and rose water, but crystalline in its... Learn More
  3. Zind Humbrecht 2016 Riesling Turckheim
    Special Price £15.99 Regular Price £19.99
    This Riesling is about as dry as Alsace gets. Crisp, with notes of green apples and citrus, but featherweight and... Learn More
  4. Zind Humbrecht 2015 Gewurztraminer Clos Windsbuhl
    Clos Windsbuhl is one of the great vineyards of Alsace producing incredibly rich wines. This is sweet with around 70... Learn More
  5. Zind Humbrecht Alsace Mixed Case of 6
    Zind Humbrecht Mixed Case of 6. Each case contains 2 bottles of each of the following: Zind Humbrecht 2016 Riesling... Learn More
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