Wines of Italy

Italy is the largest producer of wines in the world. In fact it is more like a continent than a country when it comes to viticulture. Here you have a country that has only been a unified nation for a little more than 150 years and is comprised of 20 or regions, each of which has its own clutch of grape varieties, climates and cultures. No other country has as many grape varieties, appellations (known as DOCs or DOCGs here), wine producers, or climates as Italy leading to an unparalleled variety of wines.

We have conveniently broken down our range into each region.

Richard Ballantyne MW

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  1. Palazzo del Mare 2017 Catarratto
    Catarratto is a native variety of Sicily and has similarities to Viognier with its peach and apricot notes on the nose.... Learn More
  2. Ca di Ponti 2016 Shiraz
    Syrah / Shiraz works very well in Sicily's hot climate, bringing out dark brambly and spicy notes of this variety. Soft... Learn More
  3. Palazzo del Mare 2017 Nero d'Avola
    A nose which is spicy and dark. The palate is medium bodied and easy going and despite the fact that it comes from such... Learn More
  4. Baglio Gibellina 2017 Frappato 'Incanto'
    Frappato is a native variety to Sicily and is very much a speciality. It is a medium bodied, fragrant red with floral... Learn More
  5. Nicosia 2017 Etna Bianco Vulka
    Etna is as equally good for whites as it is for reds. The vines are grown at high altitudes of 650 - 700 metres so the... Learn More
  6. Nicosia 2015 Etna Rosso 'Vulka'
    Don't let the pale hue of the reds from Etna fool you into thing that these are light wines - they pack a punch with... Learn More
  7. Pietradolce 2015 Etna Rosso Archineri
    Archineri is made from vines at 40-80 years old and shows a greater degree of depth and concentration, but this is... Learn More
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